Plumbing Fixtures and Services

Your home is a large investment and installing quality plumbing fixtures is invaluable to the long term care of your home. Whether you are going through a home remodel or inspecting your current plumbing fixtures, consulting with a plumber beforehand can save you precious time and money by guaranteeing that you are purchasing the correct fixtures. Understanding your existing plumbing restrictions and placement can prevent you from unnecessary costs on future renovation changes. Consult with our plumbing professionals to ensure you purchase the correct fixtures and perform your installations.

Our plumbers have years of experience installing a variety of new plumbing fixtures including:

  • Toilets

  • Sinks

  • Faucets

  • Garbage disposals

  • Valves

The level of expertise for those who are installing your plumbing fixtures will determine their longevity and overall functionality. Although they may be built to standard and should last for fifty years, poor installation is damaging to appliances and can result in premature leaks, busted lines, or malfunctioning fixtures.

When your plumbing fixtures malfunction, Dean’s Plumbing specializes in high-quality repair work. Delayed repairs will cause further damage to installations such as your water heater, sewer lines, and piping.

Dean’s Plumbing services all types of valves including pressure regulating valves, gas, tub and shower valves, water and sewer valves as well as main line valves and individual fixture valves.

Regular Maintenance Inspections

Proper and adequate plumbing maintenance assists in extending the life of your plumbing fixtures. Our knowledgeable plumbers will examine the pipes and make necessary recommendations. You will avoid the inconvenience of purchasing unnecessary part replacements and maintenance. Regular plumbing maintenance will also save you time and money.

Contact our office now for expert fixture installation and repairs.

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