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Gas Lines

Gas lines can power many appliances around your home such as your stove, fireplace, or water heater. Oftentimes gas leaks are caused by corrosion of the metal tubing in a gas line, which can cause dangerous effects such as carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion. Appliances that are poorly installed or a hose that is improperly fitted can lead to gas vulnerabilities.


We at Dean's Plumbing can help diagnose, repair or replace your gas lines. It's important to have your appliances installed by accredited Gas Safe experts to prevent health problems and leaks. We use high-quality materials and advanced tools to safely and efficiently fix your gas and sewer problems.

We may suspect a gas leak if you experience the following:

  • Smelling strange scents around the home can be an indication of a gas leak

  • Sounds hissing from where the gas pipes are located may be the sound of a gas leak

  • Bubbling on your gas lines or moisture may be an indication of a gas leak

Gas stove with blue flames


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