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Leak Detection

If you notice any of the following, you may have a leak:

  • High water bill​

  • A warm spot on your floor

  • Toilets with minimum pressure when flushed

  • A damp cabinet or wall

  • Slow-moving drains

  • Gas-like odors

Leaking pipes in need of repair

Leak Detection

Although you might not be able to directly identify the source of any water leakage, our specialists have the expertise and technology to detect any hidden leaks in your residential property with minimal damage or intrusion. A detected leak is the first step in order to maintain an efficient, properly functioning plumbing system. Your family's health and safety is our priority and we work to alleviate possible dangers such as contaminants or floods. No matter the problem, our professionals will handle the job for you with cleanliness and ease.

Slab Leaks

Often times slab leaks occur because the ground beneath it shifts due to changes in humidity, which can cause cracks, mold, high water bills, and other unwanted issues. It is vital to detect slab leaks early to prevent health issues or costly foundation repairs. Detecting leaks should be left to plumbing professionals due to the their difficulty in nature to find and fix.


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